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- This article applies to version : 9.0
- This article applies to All OS
Why can't I browse the Internet while TELUS security services is running?

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Problem: I can't browse the Internet when TELUS security services is running.

Cause: The Firewall and the Parental Control can be both be configured to block programs from connecting to the Internet. If either service was accidently configured to block your Browser, you will not be able to access the Internet.

Resolution: Verify that the Browser is not blocked by the Firewall or Parental Control.

Verify Firewall Internet Access Rules.

  1. Open TELUS security services
  2. Click Firewall then Internet Access Rules.
  3. If Internet Explorer or your Browser appears in the list, make sure there is a green check mark beside it and not a red X.
  4. If there is a red X, you can change the rule by clicking the grayed check mark beside it.

Verify Parental Control Restricted Programs and Schedule

  1. Open TELUS security services.
  2. Click Parental Control then Restricted Programs.
  3. Make sure Internet Explorer or the user's Browser does not appear. If it does, select it and click Delete.
  4. After deleting, try to access the Internet once again. Press F5 on the keyboard to refersh the page.
  5. If this did not resolve the issue, Click Back then select Parental Control Schedule.
  6. Make sure there is no schedule currently in effect with Security Level set at High.

Note: The schedules have a top down priority with the uppermost schedule taking precedence over all others below it.

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